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Marta Golubowska is an artist and art educator. Originally from Poland, she arrived in Ireland over a decade ago she lives and works in County Kildare. Marta started her artistic education as early as the secondary school which was art profiled, from which she progressed into the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, in Poland. She received her Master Degree majoring in Sculpture in 2006.

The appearance of two children in Marta's life brought new challenges and opened new possibilities. She could start living her dream of putting her art career back on track again. In 2016 she received the prestigious Emerging Artist Award from Kildare County Council, for work 'Be-longing' about growing roots and looking for identity in a foreign country. This became her first solo show held in Riverbank Art Center in Newbridge.

Previous to that Marta exhibited her paintings in Kildare and Dublin and before she came to Ireland she had shown her works in Poland.

Apart from making her own art, Marta believes in educational values of art. Marta works as a member of the creative panel for Community and Adult Education in KWETB. She works sculptural projects in schools, and community settings run CPD courses for teachers at Education Centres. She collaborated with Kildare County Council, Design and Craft Council of Ireland, The Ark, and Newbridge Riverbank Art Centre as an Artist in School Residency, on Teacher/Artist Partnership programme and as a CreftEd Facilitator, as Creative Schools facilitator. On post-primary level, she worked on the Creative Engagement and Design Skills Program. Marta is an active member of Visual Artist Ireland.

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