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emerging artist award 2017 Kildare County Council


Home and Identity inform my art 

This work is a set of recordings of conversations with neighbours at the estate where I lived. I used the map of the estate as a background for the ceramic houses.   

Inspired by the looks of housing estates that were built around 2006. The installation contains 144 identical houses. I designed a set of wallpapers with the front of the house as the main motif. Each of them breaks the pattern in some way fighting this visual boredom. The length of the wallpapers is the same as the height of the walls inside the houses.

eco showboat project

creative Ireland award 2019


The project was a collaboration between Kildare Educate Together and Gaelscoil Chill Dara, where children from ET listened to and illustrated the Polish story of Wars and Sawa (explaining the name of the Polish capital city) and the children from GCD wrote using the illustrations. 

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